About Me



My name is Inger Hogstrom. There are two things in this world I really love: photography and traveling. I take an inordinate interest in the nuts and bolts of traveling; the best route between two places, the types of airplanes that fly them, the best airports to while away a long layover, what makes a good deal, all of it. I love photography too. When I travel, it helps shape  my experience and gives me a way to share a bit of what I see with my friends back home. It also focuses the mind and trains the eye to really see what is all around us.

I studied film and photography at the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. I worked for several years as a photo researcher for renowned adventure photographer Galen Rowell and photo agencies specializing in travel imagery.

My work has been published by: National Geographic Adventure, Smithsonian, Sunset Magazine, Lonely Planet, FujiFilm, Fodors, Mountain-Travel Sobek, Wilderness Travel, Geographic Expeditions, Holland America, Overseas Adventure Travel, Grand Circle Travel, US National Parks Visitors Guides, Hallmark, Audubon Calendars, as well as numerous textbooks, guidebooks and retail products worldwide. I am represented by Delimont, Herbig and Assoc., AGE Fotostock in Europe and the US,  and AFLO Photo, Japan.

Find me –

instagram: @inger

twitter: @ingerhogstrom


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