“The List”: how are you going to remember to do it if you don’t write it down?

I refuse to use the term “bucket list”, which I’ve mentioned previously. Life List sounds more positive, and somehow more open-ended than a grim death-march of accomplishments. The whole idea of this is not a prosaic to-do list, but a reminder you can use to help shape your priorities as you flap around in the day to day minutiae of your life. Therefore the word “bucket” should have no part in it. Also, you can feel free to edit, amend and add to it at will. Your feelings change, and this should reflect that.

Writing them down is a way of committing to them. I tend to think of my list strictly in terms of places I want to go, though that is usually just shorthand for the things I expect to experience there. “Antarctica and South Georgia” is a location, but it’s also a package of experiences: crossing the Drake passage, hearing what a colony of thousands of king penguins sounds like, seeing six different species of penguins, getting close to a leopard seal, hearing a ship crack through ice floes, seeing innumerable glaciers, watching icebergs silently float by, crossing the Antarctic Circle. That is all pretty wordy, so “Antarctica and South Georgia” it is.


My list has remained pretty steady over the past few years, but it’s only recently that I’ve decided that I really need to attack it. I plan on being around for a long time, but honestly you just never know. There is really no sense putting things off.  So without further ado, and in no particular order, the list:

  • Machu Picchu , Peru – April 2000
  • Croatia – May 2005
  • Burma – Nov 2005
  • Angkor Thom, Cambodia – Nov 2007
  • Antarctica and South Georgia– Feb 2014
  • Iceland – July 2013
  • Rajasthan, India – Nov 2012
  • (Back to) Burma – scheduled, November 2014
  • Polar Bears – scheduled, June 2014
  • Safari in Africa (Tanzania? South Africa?) – planning on 2015
  • North Korea
  • Bhutan
  • Namibia
  • Morocco
  • Fuck yeah Madagascar!
  • The insane landscape of the Faeroe Islands
  • Seeing TIGERS in the wild (India)
  • Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia
  • Peruvian Amazon
  • Guilin, China
  • Sri Lanka
  • Northern India- Ladakh, Kashmir

Of course, the list of places I want to go is much longer, but these are really the top of that list, the “must do” locations.

Do you have a list? What’s on it? Do you need some peer pressure to help you get started? I haven’t used this, but I’m interested in the idea behind Go Mighty. It’s probably worth checking out if you’ve never done this before and need a bit more inspiration. There’s some great tips in there too. Just stop putting it off and get to work.


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